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Cross the Battlefield, Reshape Destiny (Explosive Battle, Decisive Victory Far A

Cross the Battlefield, Reshape Destiny (Explosive Battle, Decisive Victory Far Away) is an officially licensed FPS mobile game published by Tencent Games. In this mobile game, you will embark on a journey as a traverser, fighting alongside other players and constantly surpassing yourself. Cross the Battlefield, Reshape Destiny is one of the core gameplay features of “Decisive Victory Far Away”, where players can choose their favorite hero characters in the game and experience new battle fun. Players can freely choose characters for lineup formation, experience the most intense and exciting competitive mode, and team up with friends. The game supports 4-player matches on the same screen, allowing you to experience different forms of entertainment anytime, anywhere.

【Game Features】

1. Innovative real-time competitive mode

The game supports 4vs4 battles, and players will receive gold and points rewards in every match. There are also chest rewards for each victory. In addition, the system will distribute diamonds based on the player’s ranking, reaching up to the gold rank and earning additional rewards. Moreover, the game has a unique season system, allowing players to continuously challenge their own historical records and level up.

2. Rich PVE gameplay

The game provides various PVP gameplay options. Players can choose their favorite hero characters to fight in the game, or invite friends to team up for battles. In addition, the game offers various casual entertainment content such as casual mode, ranked matches, and bounty leagues, allowing players to enjoy a variety of exciting gameplay.

3. Fair competition through realistic simulation

Players will use their own intelligence to create peak events corresponding to their own level. Players can not only prove their strength through matches but also participate in real combat to win honor and obtain abundant props and resources, thus laying the foundation for their own development. In the competitive mode, players can freely choose hero characters and skills, continuously improve their abilities through practice and growth, and continuously enhance their rank and title, making their team stronger and becoming the strongest champion.

【Editor’s Comments】

Cross the Battlefield, Reshape Destiny, can be said to be a very classic gameplay. In terms of gameplay, players will become traversers and compete with opponents from different worlds, aiming to break through the enemy’s defense lines and ultimately win the final victory.

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Explosive Battle, Decisive Victory Far Away

“Explosive Battle, Decisive Victory Far Away” is a strategy competitive game, with its core feature being “battle”. Players can switch their own generals at any time on the battlefield. At the same time, the game has various match modes, allowing players to experience different real-time PK gameplay.

“Explosive Battle, Decisive Victory Far Away” is a multiplayer real-time online competitive game, where players can invite friends to participate in matchmaking battles, or choose to play solo or team matches. In matchmaking battles, players can not only experience passionate and blood-boiling PK battles but also enjoy the fun of teamwork. “Explosive Battle, Decisive Victory Far Away” allows you to conquer the world with your brothers!

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