Grand Game Passport: Unlock Endless Game Fun (Enjoy the Game World, Starting with the Grand Game Passport)

Grand Game Passport: Unlock Endless Game Fun (Enjoy the Game World, Starting wi

Grand Game Passport: Unlock Endless Game Fun (Enjoy the Game World, Starting with the Grand Game Passport) Grand Game Passport: Unlock Endless Game Fun (Enjoy the Game World, Starting from the Prosperous Game Passport)

In this new work created by the well-known domestic developer “Online Game Research Team” on the large-scale multiplayer online competitive platform “The Legend”, it includes multiple domains including action, adventure, role-playing, and real-time strategy.

In the game world, there are many fun contents, and these contents also need to be collected and unlocked by players themselves. This passport is set up to allow everyone to experience more fun things, and it can be activated when the player reaches level 10.

The game type and game quality of “The Legend” are very different, among which the 3D style “Diablo III” has extremely high graphics performance; secondly, “Death Knight 3”, “DotA Legends”, and these three games have high difficulty, high-quality graphics performance, and high sense of freedom in operation, so there are also some rewards worth obtaining in the game passport.

In addition to these, “The Legend” also includes various other games, such as “Monster Hunter 3”, “World of Warcraft 2”, “Hearthstone”, “Great Melee: Valkyrie’s Palace”, “Mech Armageddon” (and so on).

In addition to these, there are many other games, such as “King Glory”. And “Tian Long Ba Bu 3D” as a very good classic side-scrolling arcade mobile game, is very different from traditional arcade games in terms of gameplay.

Enjoy the game world, starting with the Grand Game Passport

Playing games, of course, starts with the passport, but compared to other similar products, “DOTA 2” in “dota2gl/”>DOTA is more difficult and more fun. Therefore, “DOTA 2” is listed as the most difficult type to deal with in “The Legend”, “The Dungeon Night”, “Diablo III”. When the player reaches level 30, he can activate a game passport.

Starting with the Grand Game Passport, let’s learn about the passport in the game!

“GO” is the first mobile game developed by NetEase based on the classic IP. It has many unique features, not only rich gameplay, exciting competitive battles, but also many unique rewards, such as game characters, pets, and other props, which can provide great convenience for your game.

In the passport system of “GO”, we can purchase game-specific equipment, weapons, skins, skills, inscriptions, etc. Among them, the functions of each weapon are different, and the attributes of the equipment are also different.

In the store of “GO”, in addition to being able to purchase various items with gold coins, we can also obtain various game props through tasks or activities in the game. For example, some special props can even be exchanged for money, experience points, or honor points in the mall.

The passport of “GO” is divided into ordinary passport and advanced passport. The rewards of the ordinary passport are richer, and it can use experience points to level up, while the advanced passport can obtain better prop rewards!

If you have activated “GO”, you can directly enter the game and click the “Passport” button in the upper right corner of the game interface. After clicking to enter, you can see “My Account” in the lower left corner of the interface, click it to enter the passport interface. In the passport interface, players can view their own level, the number of obtained props, and the activated level limit.

After activating the level, we can also obtain more prop rewards. For example, players who activate the level to level 25 can get 3 experience potions and a buff with a 10-point experience bonus. Players who activate the level to level 40 can get 4 experience potions and a buff with a 15-point experience bonus. Players who activate the level to level 50 can get 7 experience potions and a buff with a 20-point experience bonus. In addition, after activating the level to level 60, a special title can be obtained.

After activating the level to level 70, you can get 4 experience potions, 5 experience cards, 1 experience book, 1 stardust, and 1 legendary key.

In addition, “COA” and “GROZA” also have many exciting contents waiting for you to explore. If you want to experience these contents, please click the button below to browse:

“GO”: A highly creative and fun action-adventure RPG mobile game developed by the world’s top engine manufacturer Supercell, based on classic IP.

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