Full Analysis of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City Branch Line Mission! Complete Strategy to Master in One Step! (Exploring the New Perspective of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City Branch Line! Unlock Hidden Missions and Adventure Galore!)

Full analysis of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City branch line mission! Complete strat

Full analysis of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City branch line mission! Complete strategy to master in one step! (Exploring the new perspective of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City branch line! Unlock hidden missions and adventure galore!) “Qin Shang” Yangzhou City branch line mission full analysis! Complete strategy to master in one step! Unlock hidden missions and adventure galore! (Exploring the Qin Shang Yangzhou City branch line mission)

This tutorial introduces the complete analysis of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City branch line mission! Complete strategy to master in one step! Hopefully it will be helpful to everyone.

In the game, there are many side storylines, and the branch line mission of Yangzhou City is one of them. After completing this branch line mission, we can obtain a treasure chest that contains a weapon.

There are two hidden missions on the branch line in Yangzhou City. The first one is a person who deals with merchants. You can find him in a small alley between the East Market and Luoyang. There is an old man next to him who can talk to you. He will ask for your help in finding something related to money (if you don’t have it, accept the mission again). There is also a clerk named Cheng Qi at the corner of the street between the market and the river. You can buy a picture album from the store and grocery store. There is also a picture album in the study on the right.The second one is to talk to the princess. After going up the stairs on the left, there is a road. There is a female ghost on the road who will give you a letter. Then go a little north from the entrance of the palace and you will see a guard. After the conversation, you can get a handwritten book.The third one is to kill a thief. On the way out of the west gate, there is a pile of barrels and iron wires. You can burn them with fire or pick them up directly. This thief is marked in yellow on the map. After killing him, he will ask you to rescue someone in the cave. At this time, he will ask you to take a sword in the stone cave. This sword cannot be purchased with money, so you must use money to buy it.The fourth one is to find the Mo family organist. In the forest below Qinglong Slope, you can find his remains on the ground. There is also a tomb chamber at the foot of the mountain (there are four corpses in this place), you can open a hidden weapon, which can be used for practice, but there are only three, so it’s better to defeat them first.The fifth one is to help Li Mu get medical treatment. He is going to have a child. In the table of the inn, he will ask if you want to eat chicken or mutton. If you choose “no,” he will prepare pills for you. Choose to give milk here, and you can get turtle soup. Then go to the front of the clinic, there is a room with a coffin where you can get the White Tiger Talisman (if it is the first time the talisman is given, it will become night at this time). This task is considered a relatively difficult branch line.The sixth one is to inquire about information and search for intelligence from NPCs. This is shown as red circles on the map. If you don’t know the location, you can check the marked location in the picture and then find the NPC to accept the mission. Then go to the east house to find a farmer. He will tell you to go to the old man in the Heavenly Machine Pavilion, then he will give you a sachet (when making the sachet, you need the materials: flower honey*5, snow lotus*1, deer antler*2) and two vials of vajra dew (when making the vajra dew sand ice, you need the materials: narcissus fruit*3, red beans*100), two bottles of snake bile wine, and four blood elf pills (this material is an important item for making scorpion needles) as well as an urn and a piece of clothing.Explore the new perspective of the Qin Shangyang Zhou City branch line! Unlock hidden missions and adventure galore!”Explore Qin Shang” Yangzhou City branch line in a new perspective! Unlock hidden missions and adventure galore! I believe many players are not very clear about this. Next, the author will introduce the new perspective of the “Explore Qin Shang” Yangzhou City branch line! Unlock hidden missions and adventure galore! Interested players can come and learn more.Unveiling the Conspiracy: The Secrets of Yangzhou City1. First, let’s take a look at the scene of Yangzhou City.2. We first came to a stone by the river.3. There is a dilapidated house behind the stone.4. Then, there is a tree here.5. We jump down to the tree and see a treasure chest. Open the chest to trigger a hidden plot. Then, we will find an old man on our left.6. He tells you that his parents were assassinated, so he wants to fight with you on the mountain. He will let you find a good place.7. Let’s do it again. First, let’s find Granny Wang under the bridge.8. She will give you the key.9. After opening the gate, we can see something on top. Let’s run back and forth first.10. Then let’s turn around and find a wolf. Be careful at this point.11. There is a sword on the ground.12. We need to kill it with the sword, then we will get a key, and then go back to the house by the river.13. Here, we will meet a mysterious man. We can give him the key, and then we can get the Diamond Jade Pendant and a silver spear.14. Then, we go back to the previous house.15. After talking to the NPC, let’s do it again.16. There are two female NPCs next to each other. After talking to them, we will see a carpenter. After talking to him, we can get a key.17. Now we return to the old man we just talked to, and we can get two lives.18. Next, we return to the original place and find a bookshelf. Open the bookshelf to get a book, then talk to the old gentleman to complete the mission.19. Then return to Yangzhou City and find Uncle Hu. We can ask Zhang Zhifan for help, and he will take everyone to the maze and then to the secret chamber.20. After that, chat with Li Shimin.21. Next, communicate with Chen Gong.22. Then, go to the eastern suburbs and find a man in black. We will find that his name is Guiguzi.23. He asks us to go to the north side, but he didn’t say anything. Let’s go to the western suburbs to find him, and then talk to him. He will ask us to help him find medicine. Then, go back to the monk in Yangzhou City and talk to him.24. Then we go back and talk to Hu Qingyang. He will give us a note. Then go

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