Dragon Ball Battle Legends: Explore the Secrets of the Strongest Lineup Combination! (Dragon Ball Battle Legends: Create an Extraordinary Lineup Collection!)

Dragon Ball Battle Legends: Explore the Secrets of the Strongest Lineup Combina

Dragon Ball Battle Legends: Explore the Secrets of the Strongest Lineup Combination! (Dragon Ball Battle Legends: Create an Extraordinary Lineup Collection!) Dragon Ball Battle Legends is a classic action card game, in which players incarnate as adventurers and explore various maps. As the level and characters improve, players will experience different types of dungeons and bosses, and they will also receive rich rewards, including extraordinary quality warriors. So how can players create the strongest lineup to build a strong combat power? Let me introduce it to you!

In Dragon Ball Battle Legends, each dungeon consists of different bosses, and each map has multiple levels and several bosses in each level. These bosses have different attributes. Therefore, choosing the right lineup can effectively kill bosses and obtain more resources.

First, let’s talk about the bosses in each level. Their attack power and defense power are different, so we need to match our team wisely. Before the battle starts, we must understand the skills of the bosses and know how to deal with them.

Bosses are divided into two types: normal attack bosses and rage attack bosses. Normal attack bosses usually have a 3-round attack time and cause additional damage each time. Rage attack bosses have a 2-round attack time and have a chance to increase their rage value after each damage. When the rage value is full, they will unleash a powerful move, causing high damage, stunning enemies, and healing teammates.

The second type is special attack bosses. Special attack bosses usually have high output and also possess control and debuff effects. For example, the special move “Seven-color Light Wave” of Son Gohan, Piccolo, and Master Roshi can lower the enemy’s attack power and defense power, as well as reduce the target’s block and evasion abilities for 1 round.

Once we have selected the team lineup, we will enter the battle scene. There are two bosses waiting for the challenge in the battle scene. We can see that these two characters have different abilities.

The skills of the warriors are “Electromagnetic Shock,” “Electromagnetic Storm,” and “Energy Burst.” Electromagnetic Shock can damage a single enemy target and reduce its block and evasion abilities for 1 round. Electromagnetic Storm can damage all enemy targets and reduce their critical hit and piercing abilities for 1 round, and it can also cause additional damage to the targets. Energy Burst can damage all enemy targets, reduce their rage, decrease their accuracy and critical hit abilities for 3 rounds, and reduce their rage value.

The lineup combination in battle is very important. When exploring dungeons to obtain resources, in addition to needing a large amount of resources, we also need to match different lineups reasonably. This way, we can get higher-level rewards and stronger combat power. Therefore, when facing challenges, we need to allocate our resources properly and choose our lineup wisely.

Dragon Ball Battle Legends: Create an Extraordinary Lineup Collection!

Dragon Ball Battle Legends is a strategy card game with extraordinary quality cards as the core. It features 3D anime characters, stunning skill effects, and numerous unique gameplay experiences.

In the game, players can combine and match heroes according to their needs to obtain attribute enhancements and combat power bonuses. They can also create different lineup combinations according to the characteristics of different boss battles to face different challenges! Today, I will introduce the recommended lineup combinations of various extraordinary lineups in Dragon Ball Battle Legends.

【Strongest Formation】

Front row – Future Son Gohan + Master Roshi + Krillin

Middle row – Piccolo + Bulma + Vegeta

Back row – Baby Goku + Krillin + Chi-Chi

This lineup maximizes the advantages of extraordinary heroes.

【Extraordinary Combination Formation】

Front row – Son Goku + Master Roshi + Launch

Middle row – Piccolo + Bulma + Bubbles + Krillin

Back row – Baby Goku + Krillin + Saiyan + Bulma

This combination has strong damage resistance in the front row and powerful warriors with high output in the middle and back rows.

【Super Formation】

Front row – Master Roshi and Piccolo

Middle row – Master Roshi’s special move can damage all enemies, while the back row has control and slow abilities that can work well with teammates to unleash combos and immobilize opponents.

【Extraordinary Combination Formation】

Front row – Future Son Gohan + Son Goku

Middle row – Future Son Gohan + Vegeta + Bulma

Back row – Baby Goku + Son Goku + Bulma

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