What currency is currently more profitable to mine (What currency is profitable to mine now)

What currency is currently more profitable to mine? Bitcoin is currently in a h

What currency is currently more profitable to mine (What currency is profitable to mine now)

What currency is currently more profitable to mine? Bitcoin is currently in a halving state, with prices close to $20,000. However, if the market continues to rise, there will be a certain amount of downside; without a significant correction, a lot of funds will still enter this range for risk hedging. Ethereum has also started its own adjustment phase, with prices staying at high levels.

Many people believe that the current mining situation is still severe, which is also the case for mining. So we need to pay attention to the current market conditions and future development directions.

What currency is profitable to mine now

With the decline in the price of Bitcoin, many investors are starting to worry about what currency is profitable to mine now. Many people ask me: which token should we buy to mine Bitcoin?

The answer is Ethereum. Ethereum is one of the world’s largest decentralized financial application platforms, as well as one of the world’s largest decentralized exchanges and digital asset management protocols. It has the best trading system and the most secure network in the world, as well as various DeFi services such as borrowing, lending, yield optimization, etc. In the DeFi field, the total locked value (TVL) on Ethereum exceeds $2 billion. If we invest all of these funds in a project, the market value of this project would be equivalent to the current BTC price, as this technology can help users make long-term stable investments. For those who have not experienced the crypto winter of 2017, buying and mining now is relatively cheap, after all, the earlier you mine, the higher the returns. However, to choose a suitable mining currency, you must have a certain amount of knowledge reserve, so you cannot blindly and optimistically invest everything you have in hand.

Of course, if you already hold Bitcoin or other mainstream currencies, you can also consider some non-mainstream or altcoins, such as ADA, with a market value of about $20 million. So apart from mining ETH, there are several other popular currencies worth considering. However, it should be noted that participating in the mining of any high-cost currency is currently very popular, among which the most popular are XMR and ZEC, both of which are digital currency ecosystems based on blockchain technology built by well-known teams, and each token has different characteristics. ZEC has the characteristic of “non-fungible”, while ZEC also has a similar advantage, that is, it can become the only circulating currency through smart contract mechanisms. In addition, due to recent market fluctuations, which currencies are more advantageous for spot mining? Let’s briefly introduce how to choose!

1. Mining projects:

1. Litecoin; 2. Monero; 3. Zcash; 4. ZCash; 5. DASH; 6. EOS; 7. NEO.

2. Mining pool types:

1. Fish mining machines;

2. Cloud mining with ASIC graphics cards;

3. Mining farm leasing;

4. Hosted miners, etc.

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