Guide to Collecting Batteries in Mechanical Maze! Easily achieve the highest score (Unlocking hidden battery adventures in Mechanical Maze! A must-read for adventurers!)

In the game, players need to complete levels based on the prompts, with one key

In the game, players need to complete levels based on the prompts, with one key being battery collection.

Let’s explain the battery collection technique:

In the game interface, there is a small house icon in the upper-left corner. Clicking on it will reveal a button in the lower-right corner. Clicking on it will show the battery!

First, we need to collect all the batteries.

Then, after entering the level, a row of blue clues will appear. We need to follow these clues to find the batteries.

Then, we will notice a long route that we can take. It is important to note that we must walk to the middle first before we can exit!

Next, we will see two red circles. This is the location of the battery.

Then, we will arrive at a place with lights. At this point, we just need to light them up in order, and if we make a mistake, we will have to exit and restart the level.

Finally, there is the last treasure chest of the level, which contains three batteries. However, we need to collect all the batteries within a limited time, and then collect all the remaining batteries to pass the level. It’s really simple, isn’t it?

Unlocking hidden battery adventures in Mechanical Maze! A must-read for adventurers!

With the continuous release of Mechanical Maze, adventurers have started playing the game. In the “Magic Pets” mobile game, there are many hidden battery adventures waiting for us to explore. These tasks are hidden in various corners of the map, and players need to consume a certain amount of battery fragments to open the treasure chests. Today, let me introduce how to find these mysterious battery adventures!

When players enter the “Mechanical Factory,” they will see the “Electric Shock Trap” activity. Players need to use their fingers to hold down the screen and move the yellow cursor to the “Landmine.” When players click on the button, a popup will appear, reminding players to activate the “Battery Adventure” first, and then click on “Go Search” to enter.

In the “Battery Adventure” page, players will see a row of white boxes representing the battery’s energy, and on the right side, players can find the “Treasures” (as shown in the figure). Players only need to click on these two red boxes to open the treasure chest~

In the “Power Bank,” players can not only obtain battery fragments but also various valuable items! However, if adventurers encounter danger during the exploration process, don’t panic. They can see a blue arrow at the bottom of the map (as shown in the figure). This is the location of the “Battery Adventure”!

It is worth noting that adventurers cannot directly obtain battery fragments by picking them up. Once adventurers pick up the batteries, they will receive corresponding rewards!

Above is the specific strategy for finding the “Battery Adventure” tasks within the game “Mechanical Maze”.

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