Supercity Chinese Edition: Explore the Beauty of the City and Enjoy Life’s Adventures!

Supercity Chinese Edition: Explore the Beauty of the City and Enjoy Life\’s Adve

Supercity Chinese Edition: Explore the Beauty of the City and Enjoy Life’s Adventures! Supercity (taptap) is a simulation and management game with a rich gameplay and experience! In this game, players need to continuously explore the city to obtain a large amount of resources, coins, and upgrade various buildings. Of course, there are many challenges in the game, such as the challenge mode where players can freely choose different challenges! Each challenge in the challenge mode has different rules.

“Supercity” challenge mode is a unique gameplay in the game. This mode will randomly match different opponents. If the player successfully completes the level in the challenge mode, they can also get rich rewards. However, in the challenge mode, players need to be aware that each challenge has a time limit. Therefore, players need to arrange the desired difficulty of the challenge reasonably!

In the challenge mode of “Supercity,” there are many rewards and rules. In addition to regular money rewards, there are various props, decorations, diamonds, and rare items, etc. However, luck is also a factor in the challenge because players can only complete challenges within the specified time. So players are better off choosing challenges that can be completed quickly in order to have the opportunity to obtain more game rewards and prop rewards.

Supercity Chinese Edition: Use Strategy and Wisdom to Dominate the Urban Empire!

“Supercity” (Supercell) is a strategy simulation and management game set in a city background. Players need to constantly build various areas of the city and continuously expand. Energy is constantly consumed during the construction process, and players’ wisdom also needs to be continuously improved to make your city stronger! Today, let’s take a look at how to play this game~

There are many levels in the game, and players will encounter various difficulties when trying to clear them. The most difficult part is encountering a situation where you cannot clear the level. At this time, you need to consider how to solve it.

In the process of clearing levels, we will encounter a problem – unable to clear the level. This is actually due to the game’s settings.

Players need to complete city construction tasks and upgrade their city to higher levels in order to clear the levels.

After completing the city construction tasks, players will receive corresponding rewards. And the reward is the wisdom that players need.

In the process of clearing levels, players will encounter a bottleneck. This stage is very difficult, so players must constantly improve their wisdom in order to pass the levels successfully.

There is also a hidden mechanism in the game. When the player’s wisdom reaches a certain level, their city will be completely dominated.

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