Explore the New World! One Piece Skin Series Lands on the Latest Game (Ignite the Passion for Battle! Unveiling the Special Features of One Piece Skins)

Explore the New World! One Piece Skin Series is now available in the latest gam

Explore the New World! One Piece Skin Series is now available in the latest game (Ignite the Passion for Battle! Unveiling the Special Features of One Piece Skins). Many players may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce the exploration of the New World! One Piece Skin Series in the latest game. Interested players can learn more about it.

“Explore the New World!!” will be released on Android/iOS on November 7, 2021, and will also introduce new routes, costumes, titles, and event gameplay, among other rewards. This time, the theme will be “The Bloodline of the Voyage,” and it will feature new characters such as Whitebeard Pirates members, Bellamy, Capone, Robin, Hawkeye, Rayleigh, and Nami, among other classic characters! In order to meet the players’ high demand for this popular mobile game, “Explore the New World!: One Piece” will also release exclusive limited gift packages before the public test, which will include “Warrior Coins” and “Golden Fruits.” In addition to these limited treasure chests, the various character skins in “Explore the New World!: One Piece” have also attracted attention! In the game, every player can receive a free character skin of their own. In addition to character skins, there are also many rich development resources available.

In the adventure journey of the New World, players will encounter different NPCs, events, and boss challenges. These challenges not only provide opportunities for randomly triggered plots but also have special achievement tasks waiting to be completed, which will reward players with a large number of Silver Crystals and items. In addition, players will encounter various adventures along the way, which will bring more surprises.

Above is the detailed introduction of “Explore the New World!: One Piece.” I hope it can be helpful to you.

Ignite the Passion for Battle! Unveiling the Special Features of One Piece Skins

The new skins introduced in One Piece are not only the most popular in the game but also an essential item in battles. The three “super popular” skins in One Piece – Lightning God Apollo, Lucci, Enel, Kuzan, Shanks, Zoro, and Hawkeye, among other protagonists, have unique appearances and skill effects, allowing players to immerse themselves and experience different effects!

[Lightning God Apollo]

Lightning-like attack effects: Immediately recover 10% HP upon releasing this character.

With this set of equipment, the “Flash Bomb” can be triggered in each round of battle. This effect will continuously lower the defense of the enemy team for 3 seconds. When used by players, each layer of Thunder status on the enemy will increase their defense by 5%.

Lightning God Apollo is a powerful tank character with high survivability in battles. His skill “Thunder Barrier” has a chance to stun a single enemy after being released.


After wearing this clothing, attack power increases by an additional 15%.

Compared to the costumes of other characters, Lucci is more versatile in both offense and defense, with extremely high attack output. In battles, when using weapons such as “Fire Fist: Jet Bird,” “Water Dragon Tornado Storm,” and “Flame Dance Soaring,” an additional 10% bonus damage will be applied to attacks.

Lucci’s exclusive weapon is the “Flame Battle Armor.” There is a 10% chance to gain 1 layer of the “Burn” effect at the start of battles, lasting for 10 seconds.

The “Burn” effect causes continuous damage when the enemy’s attack is triggered. When the enemy dies, the cooldown time of this skill is reduced by 1 second. After using this skill, the enemy cannot trigger it again within 5 seconds.


The Kuzan skin has the ability to increase all attributes by 5%.

As one of the highest-level characters in “One Piece,” the Kuzan skin can inflict the “Burn” status on all enemies during battles. After using this skin, enemies will enter the “Burning” state. When all enemies are in this state, players’ regular attacks have a chance to cause “Burn” (poison) and reduce the enemies’ defense.

The Kuzan skin has two different special abilities – it increases its own attack, defense, and HP recovery. When Kuzan reaches the highest level, it can increase its attack by 15%, defense by 20%, and HP recovery by 25%.

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