Hidden ID Symbols in King of Glory: Revealing Unique Gameplay! (2021 King of Glory Blank Symbol Novel Gameplay Revealed!)

Hidden ID symbols in King of Glory: Revealing unique gameplay! (2021 King of Glo

Hidden ID symbols in King of Glory: Revealing unique gameplay! (2021 King of Glory Blank Symbol Novel Gameplay Revealed!) In King of Glory, there are many special names and colors, and players can also change their names through other means.

For example, many summoners have recently been discussing special “characters,” which can be directly copied into the nickname in King of Glory.

And there are some special characters that may look difficult to understand, but they have a particularly powerful effect.

For example, the following paragraph can use various symbols to turn your favorite words into blank symbols!

So how do you use these runes specifically?

Actually, the usage of these special characters is very simple. Just before inputting, players need to type the words they want to say (for example, “I”), and then input the content they want to copy, note that it must be in English.

2021 King of Glory Blank Symbol Novel Gameplay Revealed!

Hello everyone, I am Owen Xiaoge! Welcome to the King’s Camp on January 14, 2021!

In this guide, the author will provide a detailed introduction to the new and novel gameplay of blank symbols in King of Glory in 2021.

1. How to get a blank symbol?

King of Glory players can use the input method and in-game input method to operate and input special symbols, such as:


Heart symbols, chess patterns, etc.

Sound effect symbols, numbers and letters, all these symbols can be used!

2. How to play with blank symbols?

1) How to change the blank symbol?

First, players need to add a blank code in front of their name.

2) What special symbols can be used to name the blank symbol?

3) How to use the blank symbol?

1) Blank symbols can only be in English.

2) Blank symbols cannot be in Chinese.

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