How to Improve the Blade Efficiency of Dragon Valley Mobile Holy Knight? (Exploring the Holy Knight PVE Skill Point Decision Guide in Dragon Valley Mobile!)

In Dragon Valley Mobile, the Holy Knight is the second job of the Prophet. As a

In Dragon Valley Mobile, the Holy Knight is the second job of the Prophet. As a melee class, their survivability is relatively weak. However, the Holy Knight possesses excellent strength and physical constitution, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks with strong defense. So how can we increase the blade efficiency of the Holy Knight? Let’s analyze how to allocate skill points and choose skills for the Holy Knight in PVE dungeons!Skill Point Allocation:When choosing skills, the Holy Knight needs to focus on improving their own damage output. Therefore, we can prioritize selecting area-of-effect damage skills to ensure their survivability. Secondly, control skills should also be maxed out, and for auxiliary skills such as evasion, block, and escape skills, they should also be maxed out. For the Holy Knight, auxiliary skills are mainly used to avoid fatal damage, so it is recommended to max out the equipped active skills in skill selection.Playing Style:As a melee class, the Holy Knight has strong defensive counterattack abilities. With high health and decent defense, it is recommended to focus on a balanced playstyle of both tanking and output, ensuring their own safety while maintaining damage output. For other classes, it is recommended to enhance their own protective shield skill, summon divine power to enhance their damage output, and choose skills such as protect shield, divine combo, and judgment hammer in skill selection.Skill Combination:For the Holy Knight, skill combinations can include Light Rain, Devotion, and Heavy Strike. Since the Holy Knight’s health is not thick, there is no need for too many survival skills. Heavy Strike can increase their damage output. Devotion can increase their defense and damage output, making their output more stable. As for passive skills, Devotion can be chosen as a transition. For other classes, it is recommended to replace Devotion with Holy Incarnation.Combat Techniques:For the Holy Knight, most of their skills are control-oriented and have certain damage output abilities. Therefore, it is recommended to choose area-of-effect damage and high damage skills. For Devotion, it is recommended to replace it with Divine Punishment, which can reduce the target’s attack power and has good armor-breaking effect for better output. As for other skills, it is recommended to replace Heavy Strike with Righteous Impact, which can greatly improve their damage output. Righteous Impact can be replaced with Righteous Punishment and Divine Assertion. They can not only cause a large amount of damage to the surrounding area but also deal higher damage to the enemy by reflecting damage. As for Devotion, it is recommended to replace it with Revenge Roar. For Holy Storm, it is recommended to replace it with Thunderbolt, which not only has area-of-effect damage but also can stun the enemy, causing a strike to the enemy.In terms of skill allocation, for Holy Incarnation, it is recommended to prioritize maxing out the equipped active skills. As for Heavy Strike…

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